Our Vision

We are creating wines that people enjoy, love to drink, and especially enjoy sharing with others. Wine is a way for us to connect. It’s the sauce that keeps us together!

– Scott

Sol Invictus Vineyard is focused on the experience. Spending time at our winery is magical. We treat our tasting room like an extension of our home, so you’ll be warmly welcomed and feel right at home. Our atmosphere offers you and your friends a chance to relax, share stories, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Our Philanthropy

At Sol Invictus, we are passionate about supporting the things that matter to us most.

Sol Invictus Vineyard is committed to supporting Idaho and the community we live in. We feel that to make a difference we need to focus our efforts on a few select areas to make the most impact. This is how our philanthropy action plan has evolved over the last several years.

Our first commitment is to our country and the men and women who defend this great nation. We would not have the freedoms we have today without their service and sacrifice. We know because we served. We wore the uniform and we know that our brothers and sisters don’t ask for help, they adapt and overcome adversity; therefore, we give without hesitation to them first and foremost. God bless you.

Our second commitment is to first responders. You are our brothers and sisters in arms. You may wear a different uniform than the one we wore for so many years but our hearts are the same. Several members of our Sol Invictus family have worn your uniform. We had the same calling; to protect and help people. To defend those who can’t or don’t have the ability to defend themselves. Although many don’t appreciate what you do, we do. You are true heroes.

Our third commitment is to preserve Idaho. We believe in responsible hunting and fishing and providing food for our families through farming and agriculture. Helping preserve nature, wildlife and the Idaho way of life is important to us so it is available for future generations of Idahoans to enjoy. On the vineyard you will find bat boxes, owl boxes, rapture perches, bushes to provide berries for the birds and small mammal habitat areas; plus we practiced soil and water conservation efforts when planting the vineyard. Continuing this effort is our legacy.

To help our club members embrace our vision, we provide them with a numbered, one-of-a-kind, collectors edition, challenge coin each year they are a member of Stella Clava that reflects the philanthropy for that year. It is a reminder to us and them that we are all part of a bigger whole.

With all of our guests, we share six distinct labels each year that showcase the philanthropy we are focused on for the year. Many have wondered why our labels change each year and we truly enjoy sharing our story with them.

Additional commitments throughout the year are extremely personal.

In October each year we host a breast cancer awareness fundraiser. Denise’s mom had breast cancer in her 70s. While she beat it and lived to be 86, many do not.

In December, we host a Christmas market for the Star Foodbank. Christmas is a time when we can help small businesses showcase their amazing crafts while simultaneously raising money to feed those less fortunate than ourselves who live in our community. Denise and Scott’s first date over 30 years ago was at a Christmas party. Denise loves all things Christmas and happily hosts this event each year. In 2023, Denise partnered with the City of Star to host the Christmas Market at the Star Riverhouse in conjunction with the City of Star Tree Lighting Event. We anticipate this event growing in popularity every year.

When you support Sol Invictus, you support these efforts. We truly appreciate each and every guest and every bit of business and support you bring. We hope all our guests share our passion and philanthropy with others because we are more than just a winery. We are a family, and family takes care of each other.

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